Thursday, April 19, 2012

Villa cariño in concert

Name: Villa cariño. 
what do you know about them?

Villa Cariño is a group of tropical and cumbia music.
 are composed of six members, of which two are guitar, bass, drums and two singers.

what type of music do they play?

The style of music they play, besides being cumbia, is melancholy and romantic, because in his past before forming the band, all members suffered for love.

why do you like this artist/band?

I like the group because they are very deep and the lyrics of their songs are realistic, fun and bring humor to the pangs of love.

what's your favorite song? why?

I don’t  favorite song, because I believe that all their songs have some special depending on the mood of this person.


  1. Interesting details of the group, I would go to see him in a concert soon. Since they are very entertaining.

  2. oh is a very nice coincidence jijiji
    i love this band.
    hi see you in the publoqueishon training :)